QuadCut is an entirely new type of threading tool. Instead of the traditional
horizontal triangular insert, we have set the insert upright and made it square
with four edges. QuadCut offers maximum indexing accuracy, with support
points in the right places.

precision ground all round

The benefits are obvious:

1. The insert is much stronger.
2. The insert mounting can be made much more stable.
3. The insert has four cutting edges instead of three.

High indexing accuracy

The QuadCut system has very high indexing accuracy. This is principally due to a combination of:

               1. The insert being precision ground all round, including the locating surfaces.
               2. The insert is locked in position by means of a large, sturdy center screw.
               3. Large machined surfaces in the insert seat absorb and distribute the cutting
                   forces in an optimized way.
Large machined surfaces

Strong and stable Strong and stable

The tool stability demands in threading are stricter than those in virtually any other machining
operation. A very high axial load is applied at the instant when the insert enters the workpiece.
But if a perfect thread is to be produced, the insert must remain immobile in its seat. With QuadCut,
you are assured that the insert will be firmly secured in position. The center screw - which is located
a little off center - draws the insert into the seat and also presses it onto the large rear support
surface to ensure that the cutting forces will be securely absorbed.

The slender toolholders for breadth of range

The threading operation must often be carried out in confined spaces, such as at workpiece shoulders
or close to the chuck in bar automatics. In these situations, you can use the ”blade toolholder”. In view
of the fact that the QuadCut insert is mounted upright, we can make the toolholder no more than 6 mm
wide - with unimpaired stability. This is invaluable in confined spaces.
slender toolholder

cassette system
The cassette system - economical and convenient

Another economical and convenient refinement of the QuadCut toolholders is
the cassette system (from 16 x 16 mm upwards). You can use the same basic
toolholder from 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm pitch. Only the cassette will then need to be
changed for different pitches.

Helix angles

The seat gives the insert a helix angle of 1.5° as standard. Almost all the threads we produce
(98%) have a helix angle of between 0.5° and 2.0°, for which the standard angle can be used.
But if you need other angles, we can accommodate those too.

Helix angles

for right-hand and left-hand Same insert for right-hand and left-hand threads

A further economic and practical benefit of the QuadCut inserts is that they
can be used, in most cases, for both the right-hand and left-hand threading.

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